The Sitarist From Hyderabad – Swayamsiddha Priyadarshi

Sheetal JangidA lover of chai and Indie artists, Sheetal Jangid is currently working as an architect in Hyderabad. Since her school days, she has been passionate about sports and has won many laurels in Badminton. Along with sports, she also exhibited her interest in public speaking and writing. Sheetal believes writing to be a therapeutic […]

The Carnatic Fusion Band From Washington – Tvameva

TVAMEVA  is a World Music Fusion band based in Washington DC, blending Carnatic, Electronic, Pop, and Rock music. The band was founded by singer and producer Arvind M Venugopal, who grew up in Chennai learning Carnatic music. Post his Engineering career pursuits, he was inspired to combine his artistic passion and analytical talent to create [...]