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Dialogue in the Dark is a unique restaurant in India where the food is served in complete darkness by visually impaired servers. Led by blind guides and trainers, one learns to interact and communicate by relying on other senses.

Dialogue in the Dark – India was founded by S V Krishnan & Sudha Krishnan on the convictions that experiences & encounters are powerful pedagogical tools. In 2009, while waiting for a delayed flight in Atlanta, Krishnan came upon an exhibit of Dialogue in the Dark and was immensely enthralled by its powerful message and innovative technique of showing how ordinary events like walking in the park, shopping, taking a boat ride & dining in complete darkness was empowering. This experience was also an eye-opener for understanding Persons with Disabilities (PwDs).

This encounter had a lasting impression and inspired him to begin thinking about the pedagogical power of experiences and entertainment as a medium to convey social relevant themes. Determined to introduce Indian audiences to such an experience, he established Dialogue in the Dark (DID) in India in 2011 at Hyderabad.

Dialogue in the Dark is a social enterprise which aims to sensitize the world about the abilities of the differently-abled through transformational real-life empathy experiences curated in complete darkness. Dialogue in the Dark’s mission is to change the mindset of the public on disability & diversity, leading to employment creation for the differently-abled.

In the past 30 years, Dialogue in the Dark has been presented in more than 41 countries and is currently available across 29 countries spanning across 130 cities and more than 10 million visitors have gone through this life-changing experience worldwide.

What sets the experience apart is that your exhibition/dining guides are visually impaired. This aspect of a visually impaired guide leading sighted visitors in the dark is not revealed to the visitor until the end. At the end of the experience, the visitors are led out to light by the visually impaired guide.

This role reversal brings about a transforming change in the mindset of the visitors thereby leaving the visitors with a view that “the so-called disabled are not disabled but differently-abled” and how empathy is more empowering than sympathy.

The USP of Dialogue in the Dark is the social awakening it incorporates in an experiential exhibition/dining format which is the 1st-of-its-kind in Telangana & whole of India.



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