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Aasmaan (Hindi) | Organ Donation

About the film:
It is a short film about organ donation which is presented through the mother and son’s relationship.

Cast & Crew:
Cast – Ritwik Arora | Direction – Ananya Bartariya and Devanshi Rajyaguru | Editing – Ananya Bartariya Cinematography – Devanshi Rajyaguru Other Crew – Ishita Singh and Kavya Jain Voiceover by – Dr Ranjana Sharma & Ritwik Arora Song – Mishiri by Anuv Jain

Gray (English) | Dark Comedy

About the film:
Biscuit works for a company that lets people hire a hitman to shoot them, whenever they get tired of living their lives. Two of his clients had asked to live a couple of hours more and he allows it despite marking them dead on the phone app. As he says, no one will notice if he kills them before sundown. However, things take a sharp turn when one of his clients is someone he knows. The stakes get higher as he has to make a decision to either shoot her or let her and the other two go which would risk him getting fired.

Cast & Crew
Director: Febbard P. Lyngdoh Director of Photography: Febbard P. Lyngdoh & Gaurav Haloi Edit and Sound Design: Febbard P. Lyngdoh
Cast : Pradeep Ray, Twinkle Dilwaliya, Siddhant Nag, Sudipta Barai Other Crew : Sonam norbu, Anuj Chawre, Nishant Kumar, Sandhya Bharti, Arunuma Chowdhury, Vibhas Singh, Umang Sangani, Ravi Ranjan Rao, Pranay Kotangale

A Short Film About Home (Rajasthani) | Drama

About the film:
A young married couple, along with their little daughter, from a small village, visit the city for the first time. Amazed by the huge buildings, fast life and lifestyle, they feel overwhelmed visiting this new world. Always dreamt of a honeymoon, away from all the people and prejudices of the village, they rent a room for the night. Everything goes the way they’d planned. But what happens when their little daughter experiences an attack of Asthma and they find that they’ve forgotten to bring the medicine along. The is a father’s journey to save his little daughter in an unknown world, his journey to find the path, his journey to find his HOME.

Cast & Crew: Cast- Praful, Prerana, Ridvi, Nemichand, Nikhil, Zajeel Director- Ram Producer- Gopi Vikas Arora DOP- Rohit-Anjaan Editor- Anjaan Assistants- Aditya, Rajan, Ishwar

Awards & Nominations: Finalist – Madra Film Festival Semi-Finalist – Moving Film Festival Selections – Himachal film festival Selections – Kalakari film festival

Danpatra | Marathi | Social Message | Drama

About the film:
This poignant film sheds light on the challenging issue of education faced by underprivileged children due to their financial circumstances. “Danpatra” features an exceptional cast, including Sundar Kunwarpuriya, Mayur Nikam, Manohar Sonkamble, and Bagyashree Nikalje. The film also showcases the remarkable performances of child artists Ranveer Dange and Bhavesh Nikalje, who bring depth and emotion to their roles. With Abhijit Dagaduji Chavan at the helm, “Danpatra” is a thought-provoking exploration of the barriers that hinder the education of impoverished children. This short film is a testament to the power of storytelling and its ability to bring attention to important social issues.

Cast & Crew: Cast: Sundar Kunwarpuriya, Mayur Nikam, Manohar Sonkamble, Bagyashree Nikalje Child Artist: Ranveer Dange, Bhavesh Nikalje Director: Abhijit Dagaduji Chavan Assistant Director: Akshay Shinde Line Producer: Kartiki Thakare Producer: Dagaduji Chavan

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