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Music On Wheels From Bangalore – Beats On Bike


We have seen food on wheels, movies on wheels, and some creative ways of bringing entertainment on wheels to reach more audience. But, have you ever heard of Music on Bike?  How cool is that! Read the story of Bangalore based first-ever bike equipped with musical instruments Beats On Bike (BOB) Band!

What is Beats on Bike ( BOB )?

Two Bengaluru brothers have repurposed a motorcycle with a drum kit, an amplifier and enough space for three musicians to perform live on it.

Who are the members of this initiative?

The pilot brothers, Arun Varma  & Krishna who owns worlds biggest BBQ chain, having introduced Bullet BBQ’s and also worlds 1st pizza bike, collaborated with musician @Poisoned_Toffee and Kamlesh Kesarkar to create a platform for the musicians.

How does it work?

The Beats on Bike (BOB) is a multi-genre band that will play on the motorbike. So the drummer sits on the stool behind the drum kit, the vocalist goes on the bike rider’s seat and the guitarist becomes the pillion, still leaving room for an amplifier to be tethered at the back of the stage that’s holding them all.

The line-up is flexible but revolves around Arun Varma on drums, his younger brother Krishna Varma on guitar, Sandeep Sharma on backing vocals and guitar, Kamlesh Kesarkar on main vocals and Syed Mujeeb rides the bike.  We plan the route and time of the day before hitting the road. Early morning and late-night works best. People on the road have tried to click pictures, surrounded us for selfies.

If you ever see us at the events or performing on the streets, please don’t hesitate to meet us. We all need now is your encouragement says the members of the band.



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