short films submission

Short Film Submission

A Short film fest is a celebration of cinema and a showcase for filmmakers to screen their films and connect with audiences. Effective film fest management is essential for creating a successful event that engages and entertains audiences while promoting the art and craft of filmmaking. By leveraging film fest management strategies, Unekha can create a memorable event that not only showcases great films but also provides a platform for filmmakers to connect with audiences and industry professionals, leading to greater success and growth for everyone involved.

Unekha has come up with a new concept of the ‘Short Films Screening’ to support and promote the fresh talents of new and independent filmmakers to reach large audiences through multiple platforms – Unekha’s Official Youtube Channel, Offline Short Film – Movie Night Screening events.

Rules & Terms

● Availability & Premiere Status:
We do not require exclusivity or premiere status, but it is an added bonus if UNEKHA can be your premiere launch site. Still on your festival run? We can shelve your film until you’re ready for its debut, so don’t wait to submit it!

● All Rights Secured:
We require films to have all necessary rights and releases secured in order for us to feature them, including music. Please do not submit to us if your film has music that you do not have a license to use.

● Short Film Runtime:
The longer the short film, the tougher the judging will be. We have a preference for films with runtimes in the 15-20 minute range and require a 5-minute minimum runtime.

● Feature Films: Please note we do not accept feature films. If you intend for a feature to be released as a series, please specify.

Please be advised that UNEKHA, any affiliates, or their respective executives do not read or consider any unsolicited literary material, including, without limitation, scripts, musical compositions, product ideas, lyrics, concepts, ideas or suggestions. For the avoidance of doubt, any written materials you submit will not be read and will be immediately deleted.


What We Look For:
● Story first:
We are looking for short films that have great characters and world-building; stories that go above and beyond, with remarkable craftsmanship; films that surprise us, affect us emotionally or impress the hell out of us.

● Remember:
We are always open to genre-blending films with elements of thriller, midnight, and fantasy.

What We Avoid:
The following points outline the type of content we are not interested in. Our content filters, however, are ever-evolving, and we know there are occasionally exceptions to the rule.

● Special effects reels/proof of concepts;
Our audience expects great characters, effective world-building, and a satisfying ending. The story doesn’t need to be completely buttoned up, but often proof of concept films can be too light on plot or resolution. Remember the story first.

● Non-genre films;
We are open to documentaries if they are specifically about genre film and/or use the visual style of the genre cinema. We also avoid purely promotional pieces and timelapse photography videos.

● Extremely abstract/experimental films:
While we may personally love them, our audience enjoys a story they can follow.

● Punchline shorts;
This typically means short films in the 1-3 minute range, such as comedies that rely on one final joke, and horrors that lead to one jump scare.




Submit Your Project

Only films with subtitles are recommended
Please mention actual time length of film

Please share only Google Drive / Document downloadable link of films

Add information of cast and crew along with public social media profiles

Please mention if your film's are nominated for any film festivals or received any awards

Frequently Asked Questions

● When should I submit my film? You can submit your film whenever suits you, but we suggest submitting it as soon as it is completed. This way, you can start planning your online release to coincide with the end of your festival run.

● My film is several years (or even decades) old; Is it still eligible? Absolutely.

● Do you require exclusivity? No! All of our films are non-exclusive, which means your film can be showcased on UNEKHA, as well as on other platforms.

● Where will my film screen be? Your films will be featured on UNEKHA’s official youtube channel and also through our offline Indie Film Night events in different cities.

● When will my film launch? Upon acceptance of the film, a member of the curation team will be in touch with our showcase agreement. Once signed and the assets have been delivered, your film can be placed on the schedule.

We release a film a day, Monday through Friday, and as such schedule our releases several months in advance. If you’re looking to launch at a certain time, make sure you have allowed enough time for it to be reviewed, accepted, delivered, and programmed 🙂

● Will my film go viral? Unfortunately, that is never something that can be guaranteed, but our team does everything they can within the constraints of each platform to have a successful release.



●The filmmakers will receive a certain percentage of the Royalty with all the credits of films on both Youtube Channel features and offline screenings at UNEKHA events. The Royalty information will be shared only with the selected films.

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