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The Artist / Tabla Player From New York – Deepa Paulus


Deepa Paulus is an artist and tabla player from New York, USA. She started studying tabla at the age of 11 from Sejal Kukadia. She has performed her solo at the Festival of Tabla (2018) in California. Collaborating with musicians and dancers is a passion of hers. Deepa also studied visual arts for 8 years, attending the prestigious LaGuardia Arts High School and then School of Visual Arts.

Deepa shares her story as “I started playing the tabla when I was 11 years old. My teacher, Sejal Kukadia (@tablagirls) inspired me to practice hard and do my best. Seeing my teacher, a woman tabla player, play so beautifully had a profound impact on me. Twelve years later, I still feel the same love for tabla. “

About her work as a musician ” I enjoy performing, but lately, I have been exploring by playing the tabla with some of my favourite songs. These covers are very fun to make during quarantine because it keeps me occupied. I am excited to collaborate with more people as well. ” she says.



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