The Creative Sculptor From Hyderabad – Harsha Durugadda


A conceptual artist and a visionary sculptor Harsha Durugadda from the city Hyderabad, India is exploring the world and exhibiting his innovations.

Harsha Durugadda lives and works in Hyderabad. He is the winner of the Rio Tinto Sculpture Award 2017 at Sculpture by the Sea, Australia. He received an MA in visual communication from New Delhi. Durugadda uses sculpture, interactive work and site-specific installations to bring to light the intricate understandings of the modern world. His work exposes the invisible elements of the larger fabric of life into tactical experiences, oftentimes bridging the distance between real and utopian. 

About his works:

” I use scale and sensation to address both social and personal issues through my practice, which often lies between myriad forms of sculpture, video and performance art. My works are kinaesthetic and allow for both critical and tactile engagement. This allows me to shift the viewer’s reflection and awareness of what they have understood into informed questioning. 

My work is about the other and even personal history is also very peripheral because every moment involves other beings. I intend to shift the focus from the individual, particularly from the artist towards the former. A sense of performativity is involved in asking the audience to touch, rotate or spin the work which is very well in tandem with my interest in performance art. This is reflective in my work ‘Selfish Love’ where I allow the participant to look inside the work by entering their heads into the work. 

This subtle act establishes a mise-en-scene that transforms the way sculpture is experienced. In a world that is very visually experienced, I try to ask if we can invigorate olfactory, auditory, kinaesthetic and gustatory senses. Another work ‘Column of Sound’ translates an audio waveform into a tactile sculpture. ‘Whirling Man’ is a solid wooden sculpture which can be spun by the audience using a sprocket mechanism transmitting hand motion to rotate. These engagements allow them to understand the weight, form and materiality of the sculpture which is something very personal only to the artist in his/her studio. By bringing such intimate and obscure to the forefront new frontiers can be upended in the practice of sculpture. ” he explains.


Harsha Durugadda’s sculptures have been exhibited internationally at Nord Art in Germany, Emergent Art Space in the United States, London, South Korea and Australia. In 2014 he was invited by the Courtauld Institute of Art to present on Ancient Buddhist Sculpture at the British Museum, London. He has received the Andrew Stretton Memorial invitation in 2016 in Sydney. At the national level at Kolkata, Hyderabad, and New Delhi.


2018 Biafarin Award, NordArt, Budeldorf, Germany. 2017 Rio Tinto Sculpture Award, Sculpture by the Sea, Perth, Australia. 2016 The Andrea Stretton Memorial Award, Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney. 2012 Fellowship, Unbox Festival supported by the British Council, UK.

Featured On:

‘ The Hindu’, ‘Times Of India’, ‘Deccan Chronicle’, ‘Outlook India’, ‘India Today’ and others






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