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The Illustrator / Mandala / Mural Artist From Bangalore – Sangeeta Prayaga


Sangeeta Prayaga, a Bangalore based Mandala artist, illustrator, mural artist and a Computer Science engineer. Her art journey started in 2015 when she had just moved to the US and one of her friends introduced to mandalas. It was her love at first sight with the mandalas. At first, she started as a hobby to get away from homesickness. She comes from a family full of artists. Her sister, who is an artist herself, has played an important role in Sangeeta’s artist life.

Along with mandalas, she also channels her inner voice of positivity through two baby elephants, Ganpat Rao and Gaja Lakshmi. She covers topics like bullying, body shaming, mental health awareness and kindness through them and their baby animal friends.

For these illustrations, she takes inspiration from her own day-to-day life, the positive lessons she learned from her past and the ones that she is learning from the present!

Travelling plays a key role in the artists’ life! She created illustrations that told stories about the places she visited through Ganpat Rao.

She never imagined that she would own an online store one day, have clients like FabIndia and Temple University(Philadelphia, USA) and over 17k people following her social media profile @parttime.artist on Instagram!

Her inspiration comes from the artist Alicia Souza , She does put “aw in art”. When it comes to Mandalas, Rashmi Krishnappa and Saudamini Madra are the ones I look up to. Her dream is to have an illustrated children’s book featuring Ganpat Rao and Gaja Lakshmi.


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