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The Multifaceted Bharatanatyam Dancer From Bangalore – Rensilla Fernandes


“The most beautiful thing for me is to see a non-dancer, attempt to dance and to see their soul speak,” says Rensilla Fernandes, a multifaceted artist. Having lived in Bahrain for 18 years, she did not lose touch to her roots. From an early age of 5, she started learning dance forms and showed equal interest in sports as well. She learnt Bharatanatyam under Smt. Radha Shivakumar and proudly completed her Arangetram, which is a 3-4 hours performance without any break that the dancer performs to showcase their mastery in the craft.

All along with her school life, she was inclined towards extracurricular activities and sports and also head her high school as the sports captain. Along with being a master in dance, she is also a Grade 5 Pianist under late Mr Wilfred Barreto and holds a brown belt in Karate under the guidance of Mr Ronald Mathias. She also served for the church in choir, mass services and religious performances which eventually led her to perform for the Royal family of Bahrain and gave her a chance to choreograph for South Indian Film Industry as well. She has also kept her horizons open for contemporary styles like Jive, Belly dancing, Waltz, Salsa and even Bollywood. 

In 2014, she moved to India with her family and graduated from SIT, Tumkur as an Architect. She believes that studying architecture has taught her to be more hard-working and dedicated. The mantra of not giving up and constantly perfecting her art shows in her dancing skills. During her third year of architecture, after her mother’s demise, Rensilla channelled her energy towards her passion and religiously worked hard to make her mother proud by becoming the elegant dancer she is today. 

It was in her final year of Thesis, she realized her passion needed to be more visible and that wouldn’t be possible by working a 9-5 job without zero physical activity. Thus, a year later, in 2018, she opened her YouTube channel “The Danceitect” with the hope of inspiring everybody to dance. Her nature of helping and teaching people directed her towards joining ‘cure.fit’ as a full-time dance fitness trainer in 2018 while staying true to her skills.

Rensilla aims to include the dance in the everyday lives of people, even for a non-dancer and wants to grow her YouTube Channel. She plans to inculcate architecture and design as well in her work and plans to open a dance studio in future. 


Instagram: thedanceitect

YoutubeThe Danceitect

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