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The Wild Life Photographer From Coimbatore – Srikanth Santhinathan


Srikanth Santhinathan is a wildlife photographer from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He does photography as a part-time hobby and he is mainly into the IT sector for work. So Having said that photography is what draws him more towards nature and the satisfaction that he gets in witnessing the nature is many folds higher than capturing the moments. There are moments where he hasn’t clicked photographs but just witnessed a lot.


He began his journey way back in 2015 when he joined one of a friend for a tiger reserve in Tamilnadu. He just had a point and shoot camera at that point and knew nothing else about photography or wildlife but he only had his passion towards nature. It was that trip that made him venture into wildlife photography.

He has met a lot of like-minded people during these 5 years who had taught me so much both in photography and as well as In wildlife. It’s just like the saying, come close to nature and you will see everything clearly. The happiness he gets when he is out there in the wild nature is immeasurable.

So in the last few years, he has been to many tiger reserves in India and also recorded a huge number of bird species within the Western Ghats, Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya and captured some commoners  (birds) in Germany in different compositions.

Also, he elaborates as to how do we compose the shooting is what conveys the complete scene to the one who views the photos. So composing an images takes higher precedence for him than anything else.


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