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The Wildlife Photographer – Ajith Arjunan


Ajith Arjunan from Bangalore has always been intrigued with photography from a very young age, he started exploring his passion with the Film Camera his Family owned and then progressed to Mobile Camera, Point and Shoot and Finally got his first DSLR. His interest for photography kept changing with changing times, A bike trip to a Bird Sanctuary with a friend introduced him to Bird Photography and he realized after few days when he checked the images from the trip that he had found his genre and passion – Wildlife photography

He started his Instagram page to showcase and share his work with a larger audience, his love for animals and birds had increased with time and he wished to start contributing to wildlife conservation through his images and spreading awareness by showcasing the rich Biodiversity around us and the importance to conserve and protect it. 



E-mail: ajit.arjunan@gmail.com

Phone: +91 9738488412


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