Swathi Kirthyvasan
Illustrator / Mandala Artist – Hyderabad, India


I’m Swathi Kirthyvasan, a UX Strategist and Designer at a tech startup by day and an artist and illustrator by evenings and weekends. I enjoy working with watercolours, brush pens, doodle art and mandalas, acrylics and paper. My constant need to explore and try new things is what keeps me going. While I am not designing at work or creating a new art piece, I also enjoy cooking and baking, photography, good music and movies, reading and the occasional not doing anything at all.

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Event  Schedule

: Sunday, 9 August 2020

Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM IST 

Registration Fee: INR 300/-


Indian Participants INR 300/-

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1. The creators will be given an individual meeting session and the duration of the session will be 2 hours.
2. The audience who would like to join the session has to register and make the payment before to confirm.
3. The creators will interact with the audience whoever registers and joins the session, share their journey, perform to the audience ( for performing artists and musicians ), showcase their products ( for artists and others ), any upcoming workshop sessions or events.
4. The creators will answer the audience questions related to their field and give suggestions if asked.
5. The virtual meet up keeps the audience and the creators to connect and interact with better communication. 


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