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Wildlife Photographer From Alathur, Kerala – Arun Radha Krishnan


Arun Radhakrishnan is originated from Alathur, Palakkad, Kerala and being an army brat, he gets to travel almost every state in India and that is when he fell in love with nature. His love for nature is what inspired him towards photography. 

Speaking of photography, his passion is not photography, it is nature and that is what pushed him towards clicking pictures. He started clicking pictures in his phone and then got himself a professional camera. Through photography, he wants to show the world how beautiful nature is and how much we can learn from animals, birds, reptiles, mammals etc. and how we are all connected through mother nature. 

He loves to show the beauty of nature which includes birds, animals, reptiles, scenic beauty etc. through his eyes. Also, to connect with other such passionate photographers and learn about their experiences through his photography page. This also inspires others who do love taking pictures of nature and animals but shy away from sharing them. 


Phone:  8686999352


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