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Unekha is founded by Prashanth Jogiralla, from Hyderabad in the year 2016. Started as an online talent platform creating the profiles of the artists and creators. Later in 2018, adopting the new reforms of the arts and community about how to reach people offline, we have started the offline workshops, exhibitions, community meet-up and other events. We have also published an anthology ‘VIBGYOR – Shades Of Life’ with the 40+ writers involved from all over India and few foreign countries.

By the end of March 2020, Unekha is a part of more than 250+ events directly / indirectly across the major cities/towns of India. Now, Unekha stands at a stage to be one of the biggest global platforms to create, explore and connect.

our Collaborations

( 2016 - 2020 )

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Unekha is a platform for people to explore global creators who share the same passion and see the same dream of living in a world full of creativity. If you’re waiting for the same bus, board on to our platform by creating your account.

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